25% off any order today! You know we had

25% off any order today!

You know we had to get in on the Cyber Monday fun. Grab one to gift or to keep!


Austin Fashion Week Success!

Participation in Austin Fashion Week was such a success. So successful it took me a few days to recoup and post about it (my apologies)! Plenty of people stopped by the Draped in Onyx + Pearl event held by Langford Market and sales weren’t too shabby :). 

BIG thank you to Lyzet and Lori of Langford Market (seen below) for putting on such a fabulous event.



You can see a quick interview with Mic of CW Austin here and also Onyx + Pearl being mentioned on the Austin-American Statesman blog as one of “Fashion Week’s Fab Find’s.”


Tidbits and Photos:

We had an adorable mascot on hand, courtesy of Jonathan Adler…


Prepping the table for showtime:


Show in full swing:



First customer of the day:



Beauties that helped make the day possible. S/o to Amelia, Stephanie, Sam, and Heather (not pictured) for your help!




Onward and upward! We have some neat things transpiring behind the scenes and hope to share it all with you soon. So much more to come from Onyx + Pearl. Thanks for stopping by!


– Ashley




The Beginning of Forever…

Today is a big day. A huge day. A MONUMENTAL one at that! Today is the day Onyx + Pearl launches :).

I’d say revealing the products feels like being naked in Times Square, but let’s be real…I don’t know how that feels (nor do I intend to know). Onyx + Pearl was nothing more than a combination of dreams and designs in early 2011. With tons of inspiration, constant support from family and friends and an entrepreneurial spirit I just couldn’t shake, the company is now ready for the world to see.

This will be an interesting journey. Please feel free to join me, to join us, for the ride…

– Ashley

P.S. Check out our website and our Facebook fanpage. Tell us which scarf is your favorite and what you would wear it with… I’m interested to know.